Leadership Team Bios

YARAL Pharma Leadership Team

Stephen Beckman

Stephen Beckman

Chief Executive Officer

For more than two decades, Stephen has built, led, and mentored high-performance, cross-functional teams that excel at delivering growth in highly competitive pharmaceutical market sectors. Recognized for his ability to develop and execute high-value strategies, Stephen has been involved with numerous NDA and ANDA approvals, completed a significant number of business development deals, and launched regional and global products resulting in billions of dollars in sales. Stephen blends a deep understanding of market demands, customer needs, and best practices with a creative, collaborative approach designed to deliver results across key performance areas.

Roberto Marrero

Chief Financial Officer

Roberto brings the strategic vision and results-oriented approach from more than 15 years of experience with multinational pharmaceutical companies. His extensive understanding of financial accounting alongside cash flow management is key for a stable operation. This has been acquired through his years of financial planning and analysis, cost accounting, inventory controls, and compliance. He has supported the manufacturing of key products, managed commercial accounting teams, standardized processes, streamlined reporting tools, and executed divestments for major pharmaceutical companies. Most recently, he served as the site finance lead for one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies. Roberto, who also serves as IBSA Pharma’s CFO, will oversee YARAL Pharma’s operating and financial strategies.

Steven Jordan

Steven Jordan

Director of Commercial Operations

Steven has driven growth and profitability for a number of pharmaceutical companies by developing dynamic partnerships between US firms and European, Far Eastern and Middle Eastern pharmaceutical distributors. He has worked with sales and supply teams to launch generics, authorized generics and branded medications, including products developed for Oncology/Hematology, Solid Tumors, Women’s Health Care, Ophthalmology, CNS, Endocrinology, and Pain Management. With more than twenty years of experience under his belt, Steven has a proven record for driving sales operations and delivering on supply chain requirements.

Joe Hodge

Joseph Hodge

Vice President of Sales

After more than two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, Joe knows how to meet aggressive financial targets in a fast-paced business environment. He has a deep and strategic understanding of pharmaceutical markets, as well as longstanding experience managing contract negotiations, launching new products, and improving supply chain. In addition, Joe has worked successfully across multiple classes of pharmaceutical trade, including wholesale, retail and group purchasing organizations. Joe takes pride in his leadership, strategic planning and negotiation acumen, as well as his drive to perform.

Bill Punia

Bill Punia

Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics

Bill is a Supply Chain leader with more than twenty years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Molecular Diagnostic and Nutraceuticals industries. Known for his results-driven mindset and strong interpersonal skills, Bill has led process change for both brand and generic pharmaceutical organizations, creating best-in-class supply chain operations that deliver measurable, superior results.

Benjamin M. Platek

Director of Human Resources

Ben grew up in Manhattan and graduated from the Rutgers University.

He spent the earlier part of his career in sports and entertainment, working in HR for Madison Square Garden and the New Jersey Devils. Fun facts: during his tenure, the Devils almost won the Stanley Cup (2012), and Ben was lucky enough to meet the queen, Beyonce! 

After moving to New Jersey, he worked briefly at Summit Medical Group before going to work at Jet Aviation, a General Dynamics Company. As Director of HR, Ben worked on the global implementation of SAP, along with a global realignment of jobs and salaries. He then spent the last few years as Director of HR for IVI RMA, one of the most successful fertility practices in the U.S., working to align all the US offices to a common culture.

When Ben not working, he spends his time with his two children and dog.

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